CWM 652

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Slightly smaller than its two bigger cousins, the CWM652 still packs a very powerful punch thanks to top-range technologies. Its 130mm (5in) blue Kevlar® bass/midrange driver is housed in a die-cast chassis, providing extra rigidity for cleaner, faster bass. The speaker also incorporates a 25mm (1in) Nautilus™ tube-loaded aluminium dome tweeter, and a three-position high frequency switch for acoustic fine-tuning. Installation is almost effortless, thanks to our new QuickDogs™ fixing system and plug-and-play connection.

  Description 2-way in-wall system
  Drive units 1x o25mm (1in) Nautilus™ tube loaded aluminium dome tweeter
1x o130mm (5in) blue Kevlar® cone bass/midrange
  Frequency range (-6dB) 54Hz – 50kHz
  Maximum Amp Power 25-100w
  Sensitivity SPL (2.83V, 1m) 86 dB
  Impedance Nominal (min) 8? (4.5?)
  Frame height 264mm (10.9in)
  Frame width 191mm (7.5in)
  Cut-out height 228mm (9in)
  Cut-out width 153mm (6in)
  Depth behind surface 95mm (3.7in)
  Protrusion 4mm (0.2in)
  Pre-mount Kit PMK W5
  Back Box BB 6W